Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Genetic Cosmetic Surgery For Women

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Genital cosmetic surgery is most preferred by individuals who are conscious about their genital parts and wants to boost their sexual life. It is pursued by both men and women.

For Women Following procedures comes under Genetic cosmetic surgery for women: Labiaplasty

This involves the surgery of labia minor (inner lips) and labia majora (outer lips). It is most commonly performed under GCS to reduce the size of the inner lips so as they do not protrude with the outer lips. It is also used to correct the asymmetry of the lips.

Few of the medical reasons to perform labiaplasty is because it causes chafing and irritation to the females and also limits them physically to participate in physical activities, such as biking, trekking, etc.


Vaginoplasty, also known as, vaginal rejuvenation, is performed to tighten the inside of the vagina lining and the vaginal opening by removing excessive tissue. It effectively reduces the diameter of the vagina and cures women who are conscious of the vaginal enlargement post the child-birth.


As the name suggests, it is the reconstruction of the hymen in the females. Also known as re-vergination, hymen formation is the attachment of the torn down hymen edges, usually for the cultural and religious purpose.

Labia Majora Augmentation

This surgery plumps up the outer lips by injecting them with fatty tissues taken from another part of the female body.

Vulval Lipoplasty

This involves doing surgery by liposuction and hence removing the fat deposits from the mons pubis. It results in mons pubis being less prominent in females.

Clitoral hood reduction

This kind of GCS is also known as hoodectomy and involves reducing the skin that surrounds the clitoris, thus exposing the glans that lies underneath the clitoris. A clitoral hood reduction aims to provide more stimulation, hence, increasing the sexual pleasure for women.

Associated Risk
  • Nerve damage and loss of sensation
  • Permanent color change
  • Tissue death along the wound
  • Blood clots
  • Pain during sex
  • Labia symmetry
  • Change in sexual arousal

Just like women, men also seek surgery of genital organs to increase the overall sexual intercourse pleasure or because of medical disorders. Following are few of the GCS reasons for men:


It is required when the skin of the prepuce, the skin that covers the penis, does not retract back painlessly. It is also performed in case the men face painful intercourse. The surgery results are effective in terms of shape and use of the penis.

Penile thickness increase

This surgery is performed to increase the thickness of the penis thus giving satisfactory intercourse. The injection is given loaded with the body fat of the same individual, hence increasing the penile thickness.

Penile lengthening

This kind of surgery is performed to increase the length of the penis, hence deriving more sexual pleasure in the intercourse. The surgery promises to increase the penis length anywhere between 1-1.5 inches.

Penile implants

Penile implants are done to the male individuals having erection problems. With a wide variety of sub-options available, one may choose the best fit by consulting the expert.

Testicular implants

This kind of surgery is performed on the individuals who don’t have testicles. It could be inborn or can be a result of some injury/operation/disease. Testicular implant Is done by placing the testicular at the scrotal pouch.

Scrotal Shaping/ Cyst removal

The nodules or cyst on the scrotal wall are difficult to handle for males. Hence the cyst removal/scrotal shaping is removed by giving local anesthesia and is deformed to the desired size, leaving invisible scars.

Refashioning the mons pubis

This includes the liposuction on the male genital organs, hence reducing the bulk on the mons region. It also helps correct the excessive sagging mons.